Saturday, January 9, 2016

DCarsonCPA GRC Lines on Governance, Risk and Compliance

DCarsonCPA GRC Lines on Governance, Risk and Compliance in select subset of the broader aggregate lines on the Economy and Policy from here which have long carried the embedded lines on Corporate Governance, Boards, Directors, C-Level Executives, Internal and External Audit, Shareholders, Stakeholders, Policy, Accounting and Internal Controls including Risk Management AND IT Audit lines for complete context in the Economy and Financials (including IT Data, Communications and Finance / Compliance Technology Controls on Our Risk + Cyber / Cyber Security lines). The value from Our lines works with Entity to Economy and Economy to Entity (E2E^2) for the value in context in the Economy and Financials to help on Project Services and Applied Research for Client Services and broad line support to Policy for Entities, Governance, Government, Shareholders and Stakeholders in the Aggregate.

With the one goal to use as many of our skills as we may to help on Economic Growth, Prudent Risk Management and Full Recovery in the Economy and Financials. Where Entities succeed in compliance and meet a managed line of cost-benefit optimized regulations and compliance that optimally balance the needs on Growth AND the needs on Prudent Risk Management as matched to the constraints of resources in context we all find greater opportunities for growth and improvements. Governance, Risk Management and Compliance help the broad lines of Internal and External Stakeholders and we can help on the lines of GRC that benefit Entities, Shareholders and the broader lines of stakeholders through strong compliance and awareness of Policy needs in the Economy and Financials.

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DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines on GRC - Governance, Risk and Compliance (DCarsonCPA GRC lines for shorthand)

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DCarsonCPA on Industry Lines for Accounting Policy

DCarsonCPA on Industry Lines for Accounting Policy we just updated our lines on the Global and Domestic needs and SALP  Lines (State and Local Policy) Lines on Accounting Standards on Our Web page at :

DCarsonCPA Industry Lines (on Accounting Policy)

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