Monday, September 28, 2015

Help Fund DCarsonCPA MFC Lines

IN DRAFT - but live for funding or donations (donations are non deductible gifts, as explained below and terms not defined revert to our terms): 

We are in process of mapping out next steps on direction of these lines and seek funding through the skills as navigating to next steps on the roll outs. We have a lot of pride in running a long independent road (in rolling out our lines) and we would welcome to have your relevant support in on light projects for the MFC lines as we build them out to help on growth in the Economy and Financials. The reciprocal value corresponds to points where we can help on brand or program awareness and outreach. The remote convenience allows us to offer some unique lines to help on communications in the economy. Ideally you are a philanthropist with some interest in how economic and financial perspective can help and this is a big part of what we bring overall to help on Entity, Individual, Family, Community and Societal lines on outreach.

Please Help Fund the DCarsonCPA MFC Lines through Donation (Gift) or Services Request - Be a Part of Something New - help fund DCarsonCPA MFC lines for suggested Donations of increments of $25 (25, 50, 75, 100 .... ) or what you can afford. A $25 increment represents 7.5 minutes of time from here and if you send us a request and fund it provided the circumstance is reasonable in compliance with laws, rules and reasonable standards (or we will communicate if it is not) and we will publish a video to your Entity, Industry, Non Profit, Government (Nat'l, State, Regional, Local) or NGO line in direct proportion to funding. We will consider that you have purchased space on the MFC blog or video lines under our guidance, judgement, and oversite as to timing and duration, suitability and presentation and we will create work product in proportion to the funding. On range $25 - 100 a written entry to your point. On range $50 - up some manner of you tube posting. Anticipating that the average video run starts at about $100 mark as at least 1/2 hour of input time but that optimal results should be in the 1/2 - ?? time mark for research and review. The larger the amount the more miles we can go on related analysis of a topic from a functional point of that entity through the lens of the MFC lines.

You can just donate or fund for the gift of it or you could connect it to a line of outreach on writing or mind mapping on the DCarsonCPA MFC blog here or our related you tube channel.

Some suggested funding / non charitable donations or fee for services where we provide a limited work product.

Brief Writing:

$25 - $150 for 7 - 45 minutes for a basic writing piece on your range of interest but always in line with the DCarsonCPA voice and motif

Brief Video:

$50 -  $250 for 15 - minutes to an hour and one half as an average brief video spot to allow us to research and run one of the boards like we have been running for the MFC lines (the White Boards / Mind Maps).

These are suggestions and the best way to do it is send us an email and we will reply then you can fund or you can fund and then we can work it out with the perspective that the time is clicking on the 7 minute clocking out of necessity to keep the process lean and efficient. So the minimum measure of inputs is budgeted time for fairness (Through which we cover goals and outcomes on writing and white boarding the video). The actual time input should equal budgeted time. Small over / under to variance to remain efficient and to allow us the opportunity to make the donation in fact a fee for service where you agree based on the work product and rating above. We'd rather return something of value in exchange for value and very much appreciate the opportunity to have your support on funding unless this does not correspond to your interests on same.


We've been bootstrapping these lines for a long time so we figured we'd try something new here and open the lines. Within the range of compliant requests and inquiries about cost accounting, managerial finance, general insight or other lines. We can bring your interests to the lines for coverage on economics, financials, technology, policy or governance awareness. On societal, technology or financial lines in context with the way we always approach these points but now more tailored to your needs for Industry, NGO's, Non Profits, Government, Individual / Family / Community or Societal lines. We'll bring it into the lines as sponsored content and provide you with attribution. It may be a simple and easy way to tap into the DCarsonCPA MFC lines to help on growth.

We appreciate your support on Funding or Donations (Non Deductible Gifts) if we may have it. Learn more of the overall lines at for the Global Research lines we map in here. There are the specialty lines of DCarsonCPA MFC the lean machine on project, process and advisory. For more find our landing page at DCarsonCPA MFC or email to learn more.

DCarsonCPA MFC Where we connect in the Economy and Financials.

  Example of Our White Board / Mind Maps on the Economy and Financials.


Saturday, September 26, 2015

DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines on Communications / DCarsonCPA MFC - The Street Team lines for Lean Support on Growth

DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines on Communications / DCarsonCPA MFC - The Street Team lines for Lean Support on Growth:

We work with strong lines on communications on message to help on growth and awareness for cross sector improvements where the Entity meets Societal needs and net net can help on improvements for Individuals / Family needs in the Economy and Financials. As an element to help to match supply and demand through the lines of helping on brand level awareness or to help on outreach for Government, NGO, and Non Profits on the lines of program services awareness in correspondence to societal needs we meet through the lines of the economy and financials.

DCarsonCPA PRTC lines work on the broad lines of more formal needs on communications in the spoken, written, social, event and presented space for Public Appearances and needs on brand representation or on program awareness.

DCarsonCPA MFC The Street Team Lines We realized that there is an open gap for Entrepreneurs, Small and Family Businesses, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and Large Entities looking at growth, growth cycles or to help reboot mature lines on awareness with strategic and forward thinking new lines to leverage new technology and simple fact based communications cycles to help on brand level awareness and differentiation. These same lines can help for Programmatic Awareness lines for NGO, Non Profit and Government needs on outreach to community lines. 

The concept on these lines are not complex they correspond to capturing an understanding of your vision, your teams compliment to your vision, the feedback of your clients and potential clients and our lines of economic awareness to help refine the view to who you are and your potential opportunity lines and to build a support line. We manage these lines in varied step wise coverage to help you maintain a growth and awareness momentum line on bridge to a point where you can reach more expansive support lines from Branding or Advertising or for as long as you value the difference of our approach and it does not stand in conflict to any needs on services and / or research.

This specifically works at a point where our role is not to evaluate your entity but to be a part of your project support lines on growth and development through awareness and potentially to help in the simple lines of tabulating and accounting for your results on CFO / Controlling lines or working on Technology lines on Project Management and Business Analysis. This permits us a middle ground where before you may be interested in engaging in accounting or taxes or if you are only engaging in accounting and tax services where we can be part of a simple line of fact based awareness and outreach to help build awareness to your brand and lines for awareness to support growth cycles. It may also be completely separate as the only point where we meet but in it's simplicity it speaks to a need we all see and find for branding, awareness and differentiation on a simple line. Learn more on our related Blog lines on DCarsonCPA MFC the Street Team.

DCarsonCPA we work on three principle needs common to all entities and for individuals and families for growth, efficiency and improvements. From End to End in the Economy Our value and difference is to help on Entity, Individual / Family, Community and Societal Value lines and the value we seek to bring is that core of value on Financials, Teamwork, Communications and Improvements for Societal Value to help on the economy and full recovery. 

Between the valid point constraints on growth and prudent risk management we work with strong cross functional skills to optimize the value we can bring on services to help on the Entity and Individual / Family needs and open lines of communications to help on growth and awareness.

You can learn more and connect with our support lines via DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines to learn more.

These are specialty lines from DCarsonCPA we've built deep lines to help on the needs in the economy and financials. We know that finding ways to help on growth and awareness through teamwork is one of the common needs we all see on pathways to pursuit of growth in the Economy and Financials. This is our simple way to combine the awareness of that need with sustainable actions we can take to help on the simple manner of brand and programmatic awareness to help on the needs for growth, efficiency and improvements through the simple but critical gifts of skills on communications. Reach us on the DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines or the DCarsonCPA MFC - Street Team lines to learn more and map us in on the support lines where you are in the economy and financials.

Friday, September 25, 2015

DCarsonCPA on Risk + Cyber a Three Point Model from which to help on the needs.

DCarsonCPA on Risk + Cyber a Three Point Model from which to help on the needs.

Three broad skills that we bring in connection to Risk Management, Audit (Financial and Operational) and IT Audit lines to help close shoulders and circle the gaps on the lines of Risk + Cyber needs in the Economy and Financials.

DCarsonCPA on Risk + Cyber a Three Point Model from which to approach Entity and Societal Risk in the Economy and Financials. Data and Risk Modeling, Financials, Audit (Internal and External) and Technology lines on IT Audit and IT Controls. Points on the lines where we can help in overview we map  to the detail lines but this point is about strategic and operational perspective to help on needs where we meet from the lines at and our value maps to the core of value on entity , citizen / stakeholder and societal value to help on the Economy and Financials. For growth and recovery and risk management and the lines of Risk + Cyber controls can help on the Economy - we are here to assist on project needs where we map on to the details of the underlying needs.

DCarsonCPA on support lines for the project needs in the Economy and Financials where the framework of Global Financial Decision Making Research mapped to the skills on hands on services on Financials, Technology, Analysis and Communications lines work to help mobile teamwork on key challenges in the Economy and Financials. 

We are here to lead, manage, research, analyze or join in on the lines as needed to help on the economy and return to a more common line of Each Generation a little better off in the Economy and Financials.  The value of knowledge which can help on the Economy supports that core value of teamwork for improvements on the Entity and Individual / Family lines of needs where we meet as communities between the lines of Rugged Individualism and Shared Accountability. Together with  that exceptional value of who we are together on teamwork at home and abroad enriched of the inclusive values of the melting pot on exceptional teamwork to help on societal needs for improvements. Find your way to support on Services and Research via DCarsonCPA Entity and Sector Lines.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

DCarsonCPA On Audit, Risk and IT Controls : Emphasizing the Global Risk Framework and Cross Functional skills

DCarsonCPA On Audit, Risk and IT Controls : Emphasizing the Global Risk Framework and Cross Functional skills

DCarsonCPA on Risk Lines at DCarsonCPA on Risk and DCarsonCPA on Risk + Cyber. Additionally Find DCarsonCPA on Audit and DCarsonCPA on IT and Data Integrity lines. We can help on Hardware, Software, Programming and Communications lines support needs on Risk Management, Security and Cyber Security as building out lines for strong control teamwork through cross skills to map the key needs on demand and bring them to value added enacted and enforced Policies, Controls and Team Awareness to help close the gaps on Risk + Cyber lines with cross functional teamwork in the Economy and Financials.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

DCarsonCPA An Aggregate Framework of Data RIsk

DCarsonCPA An Aggregate Framework of Data Risk :

Connecting lines on Financial Controls, Audit skills, Risk Management and the IT Software, Hardware, Physical and Remote Access, Program and Software level controls to help on Risk Management and Cyber Security lines through strategic and operations skills on audit and financials.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

DCarsonCPA Go Getter Lines: Be Exceptional + Go for Growth

DCarsonCPA MFC: Go Getter Lines: Be Exceptional + Go for Growth (+ Map Risk) on #Growth #Entrepreneurs #PE #VC


Find more at DCarsonCPA MFC Lines.

Between the Lines on Growth and the Lines on Risk as the point constraints on the Opportunity lines.

Between the Lines on Growth and the Lines on Risk as the point constraints on the Opportunity lines..... you find DCarsonCPA MFC The Lean Machine on Lean Project, Process and Advisory. We work on the lines of Entity to Economy and Economy to Entity E2E^2 for the Entity Performance Lines.

DCarsonCPA MFC on Growth, Innovation, and FINTECH in the Economy and Financials:

DCarsonCPA MFC on Linkedin

 DCarsonCPA MFC on Linkedin

 DCarsonCPA MFC on Risk on Linkedin

Between the point constraints of the lines on Growth and Prudent Risk Management exist the relative point constraints to valid services and applied research where we meet on Services.

on ICT, Cloud and Mobile Innovations at DCarsonCPA MFC, ICT,  Cloud and Mobile Innovation support lines

Friday, September 4, 2015

Merci à nos visiteurs de France

Merci à nos visiteurs de France:

Merci à nos visiteurs récents du blog de la France, Nous sommes avec vous sur les lignes de soutien pour les besoins d'entités, les particuliers / familles et les lignes que nous partageons d'une vieille relation historique à l'appui de la Liberté, liberté et l'égalité. Nous sommes intéressés à aider sur les lignes de soutien pour les Etats-Unis - France Commerce, croissance et de travail d'équipe mondial pour l'humanité la Liberté et la liberté d'expression. Ceci est un moment important pour valoriser tout ce que nous partageons en commun si une ligne longue et historique de l'amitié.

France, Etats-Unis-France lignes, d'appui au commerce, le commerce, l'humanité, des affaires, comptabilité, les impôts, la conformité, la gestion de projet, le soutien de la technologie, de l'analyse d'affaires, d'appui au commerce.

France, US-France lines, Trade Support, Commerce, Humanity, Business, Accounting, Taxes, Compliance, Project Management, Technology support, Business Analysis, Trade Support.