Sunday, October 25, 2015

DCarsonCPA A Casual "Fireside Chat" thought lines on The Economy + Financials

DCarsonCPA MFC Lines : DCarsonCPA A Casual "Fireside Chat" a simple line to recap on some thoughts on where we are in this knowledge age of Technology and using the knowledge to help on the Economy for Entity level services. The Audio sync is out but the message is on target and we can return and fix the sync in the future as relevant but no reason to hold back the video on that line.

DCarsonCPA on Services and Applied Research at DCarsonCPA

DCarsonCPA MFC on Instagram support lines on Lean Project Process and Advisory

DCarsonCPA MFC on Instagram Our lines on outreach to help on the various needs in the Economy and Financials. Support lines on Outreach for Music, Entertainment, Creative Artists, Fashion, Textiles, Trade and more.

Direct Lines on Support Services at DCarsonCPA online

Thursday, October 8, 2015

DCarsonCPA CS4C - Lines to help on the Economy - Cross Sector 4 Communities to help on the Economy

The DCarsonCPA MFC lines are Lean Lines derived from Our Broad lines of Economic Research to Help on the Economy with Continual Research for Improvements on Teamwork. That noted as we grow with knowledge the value of the synthesis of knowledge becomes that we can begin to more concisely explain the value we can bring on Economic Models, Financial Models, Cost - Benefit Models and Entity Level Economic Strategy for Improvements along the Entity / Non Industry lines for improvements (For NGOs, Non Profits and Gov lines for Local, Regional, State, Multi-State, National and more Global lines). The below consolidates our perspective lines from which to work on project consulting needs where you are with the goal and objectives to use Financial, Technology and Communications skills to the broad lines to help on Cross Sector Societal improvements in the Aggregate. In support of finding more optimized pathways where Entities in ALL Sectors optimally support Individual / Family / Community and Shareholder + Stakeholder needs on Tier One at home and on the Tier Two lines on the broader Global lines of Productive Trade and Teamwork. We are here for the Macro and Micro level leadership support needs in the Economy through the Financials.

DCarsonCPA CS4C - Lines to help on the Economy - Cross Sector 4 Communities to help on the Economy - Our integrated lines for the Challenges w/ deep cross functional insight. If the Challenge is the Economy + the needs on Jobs Growth, Prudent Risk Management, Financials + support lines for Leadership on Teamwork for Each Generation a Little Better Off #EGALBO in the Economy + Financials. Find support Svcs at DCarsonCPA on the Domestic Economy
the Global Economy
+ Non Profit lines on Outreach