Saturday, November 21, 2015

DCarsonCPA Fashion, Textile, Wholesale and Retail

DCarsonCPA Fashion, Textiles, Wholesale and Retail:

Fashion, Textiles, Wholesale and Retail part of our support lines for Creative Artists we have deep lines on Global Fashion, Textiles, Wholesale and Retail research interspersed to our lines on Outreach.

DCarsonCPA we work with Financials, Communications, Technology and integrated Research to help on cross sector needs on growth and improvements in the Economy and Financials.

This is a new and exciting chapter for Liberty and Freedom of Expression and we are here to live the value of expression from within the relative framework of Financials, Taxation, Controls and Analysis - but when you love what you do it becomes an ART and we believe in living out loud in celebration of Gifts of Freedom and Liberty and within the framework bring creative lines to help support Fashion, Trade, Textiles, Wholesale and Retail. Strong Financials bring ease of mind, ease of mind unlocks the lines of creative genius we can help on strong sector teamwork.

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Tax Incentives, Small Business, Entrepreneurs Start Ups, Lean Manufacturing / Cost Engineering.

Low Cost Public Relations, Outreach and Communications to help you launch early stage lines and ad something extra, something fresh, new and ultimately popping from Our Street Team lines, We are here to have fun from a strong base of compliant financials AND an uplifting line of support to creative arts.


Compliance / Import - Export Taxes


Project Management


Applied Research

Fashion has a massive connection to Arts, Music, Entertainment, Freedom of Expression and Liberty and the Global lines of Humanity. We bring strong value to sector needs.

New York to Paris, New York to London, New York to Milan and Firenze, New York to Tokyo, New York to Mumbai, New York to Sydney and Adeliade, New York to Buenos Aires, New York to Madrid, New York to Barcelona, New York to Ibiza, New York to Saint Tropez, New York to Sao Poalo, New York to Boston, New York to Los Angeles, New York to San Francisco, New York to Miami, New York to Austin Texas .... we are NYC to Global on the Economy and Financials.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

DCarsonCPA on Project Management

DCarsonCPA on Project Management

DCarsonCPA Project Management, Business Analysis, Change Management, Data Integrity, Data, Programming, Risk Management, Financials, Compliance, Controls and IT Audit support lines under Brand DCarsonCPA on Risk  + Cyber support lines to key needs to help on the Economy follow the above linked image buttons for more.

DCarsonCPA on Select lines on the Key Points

DCarsonCPA on Select lines on the Key Points

DCarsonCPA Select Lines on the Key Points

DCarsonCPA on suppport lines for your need on Services, Applied Research and Outreach to help on Entity and Community Teamwork on needs in the Economy and Financials.

DCarsonCPA on Pharma and Health Sector support lines

\DCarsonCPA on Health and DCarsonCPA on Pharma lines at DCarsonCPA

Monday, November 9, 2015

DCarsonCPA HOTP - DCarsonCPA on Pharma + Health Sector support lines

DCarsonCPA HOTP (Hot off the Press)  - DCarsonCPA on Pharma and Health Sector support lines:

DCarsonCPA on Pharma and Health Sector Lines:

DCarsonCPA on Pharma and Health - Video Dailymotion

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DCarsonCPA Checking in on the MFC lines. on Labor Supply + Demand + Outreach

Supply to Demand Issues - Helping HR fully understand and connect on cross skills in the Economy and Financials

Some small new steps on the lines on Outreach we are working on communicating to help Educate and Inform about knowledge gaps between HR and Labor Economists. The Labor Economists who Study the Economy and Labor Understand the strong bridges of Cross Skills but you could be forgiven for being upset to see that HR is still at many points busy chasing Exotic Trees and Purple Unicorns in the Forest of Trees in the Metaphorical Forest of Opportunities on the Supply to Demand lines of Labor in Today's Economy. Meaning that there's tons of available cross skills that can cover the gaps in the Economy and Financials but it takes having the right radar to understand where they are. It would seem at present that there is a considerable need to bring that message to the HR lines to make sure that the false indicators on the wires are not disenfranchising a pool of skilled talent on the ready lines to help on needs in the Economy and Financials. When HR misses cross skills through overly narrow definitions that catch one of many skills in a category of skills but misses many others, whether through Keywords, Technology or Human lack of awareness that can end up causing friction in the Economy and triggering a gold rush on H1Bs beyond a reasonable necessity for Economic Cross Pollinization and productive support to Trade and Growth. It's a risk that needs to be managed by ALL stakeholders in the Economy to ensure we move together on growth and not apart.

This is a clear and current need that can help on the Economy and Financials and we will value your help on the lines to get the word out to help on the Economy and Labor Cycles of Supply to Demand needs.

On other points on Services and Outreach we are pleased to share some progress on the below lines for communications and outreach for your awareness to more of the value points where we can meet to help on the needs in the Economy and Financials. Read on below for more:

DCarsonCPA on Instagram new lines on support to select industry lines for Retail, Fashion, Textiles, Hospitality, Travel, Restuarants, Speciality and Artesinal Goods, Trade, Creative Artists on the Writing, Performing, Film, Fashion, Music, entertaining and designing lines and much more.   For Professionals including Architects, Attorneys, Doctors,  Professionals and Engineers in similar ways we can help on outreach.

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DCarsonCPA on Pinterest new lines on Sector Outreach to help on key needs in the Economy and Financials. Support lines across needs in the Economy and Financials.

DCarsonCPA Entity and Sector Lines Traditional lines on cross sector support in the Economy and Financials.

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