Thursday, July 30, 2015

DCarsonCPA MFC A Quick look to the Growth lines

DCarsonCPA MFC A Quick look to the Growth lines:

DCarsonCPA MFC = The Lean Machine on Project, Process and Advisory

Lean Innovation support lines

DCarsonCPA ICT, Data, Cloud and Innovation Lines

DCarsonCPA Project Management and Business Analysis Lines

DCarsonCPA IT and Data Security

DCarsonCPA MFC on Linkedin

DCarsonCPA MFC " The Lean Machine on Project and Process Advisory" on You Tube

DCarsonCPA Small Business Services

DCarsonCPA SME Lines

This is an index to some of the DCarsonCPA MFC support lines as subsets of the DCarsonCPA lines for Global Financial Decision Making Research. On the integrated lines of cross functional skills to services for the Entity needs in the Economy through the Financials. For the overall lines of Entity IQ where the Data, Financials, Compliance, Analysis, Communications and Applied Research points connect to map in Technology and Financial skills AND much more on Advisory as expressed through the DCarsonCPA lines on the Economy and Financials.

Fast Track on support lines to DCarsonCPA MFC and DCarsonCPA to the key points as defined above.