Saturday, December 5, 2015

Updates for December 2015 - DCarsonCPA Creative Lines in Full Support of Liberty and Freedom of Expression.

Updates for December 2015 - For a Quick Start Visit our newest points on the lines on Instagram and Pinterest on the lines of support for Creative Arts and Traditional Lines where you are used to seeing us in support of Financials and the many connecting lines of slope intersect from Accounting to the Broader Economy and Financials where Economics, Financials, Legal, Technology, Communications and cross sector lines meet. From the support lines at DCarsonCPA .

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DCarsonCPA Start Up and Founders, Creative Artists, Fashion, Design, Retail, Textiles,  Entertainment, Coffee House, Writers, Film Makers, Musicians and related Artistic Design line of support where Art and Innovation skills are at work in honor of  Liberty and Freedom of Expression and that greatest of ALL gifts of communications through Written, Spoken,  Photographed, Film, Sung or Strummed or otherwise valuable line of Creative Arts and Expression even as mapping into the professions of Technologists, Analysts, Researchers or on the expected lines of Public Speaking, Advertising, Branding and Communications.  A joint venture from the DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines on Communications and the DCarsonCPA Global Lines produced DCarsonCPA MFC lines this fall these lines for the Lean Machine to connect on the key needs on growth and prudent risk management and embrace the core skills of CFO, Advisory, Project Management and Communications as the key lines from which to bring strategic and operational value with maximum versatility.

DCarsonCPA on Tax Services for Founders, Start Ups and Creative Artists AND traditional lines of support by LOBs from DCarsonCPA .

DCarsonCPA MFC Lines:

DCarsonCPA MFC Creative Artist Lines / CALs (DCarsonCPA MFC CALs or DCarsonCPA CALs for short)

DCarsonCPA Entity and Sector Lines on Linkedin:

DCarsonCPA Our Difference is strong skills on Lean Management Consulting and the blend of Entrepreneurial, SME, Fortune 500, Government, Individual / Family Community, Exceptional Roots to the Foundation and Non Profit Experience. Through the Ups and Downs and the Ins and Outs. Working from the core grounds of cross sector needs in the Economy through the Financials at the key points where Economics, Legal, Financials and Technology teamwork meet in the Economy and Financials. These are inclusive lines of support from the Melting Pot in NYC through the Nation to the core of value as Community and Societal Value and the value of Financials.

You can learn more at to connect on services, research and outreach. Our lines are here for the needs of Entities, Individuals, Families, Communities, and Societal lines.

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